Nothing here is work safe. The new forums and blogs are here!

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a place for friends not unlike many establishments such as mcdonald's and sex dungeons

- Zero1

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The site has been purged and we installed some new swag we think you'll get horny about. Or.... Not.

Things we did:

*New forums: rated A+++. Would rate again!
*The Confessional - an anonymous account and forum for spilling your guts!
*Blogs, and they totally kick ass!
*Some OCD fuck-tard insisted we add a Poker Site so here it is. It's actually kind of bitchin'.
*Splash Page (that's this) - ongoing
*Tag and Cloud system
*Your girlfriend
*New and additional content areas
*Among other features we're too lazy to mention

All of this provided free of charge, because Tramps love free loot!

Other changes are coming very quickly when we get around to it.