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19-Mar-2009 until 19-Apr-2020
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Yeah, we did it.
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Blogs are here!

Be aware that anyone on your friends list for this forum can currently see your blog if you use the default settings. We are working on this!

Check this post for details on how to keep your blog secure.

The last thing we want is you guys posting private shit to it that you don't want out there in the world and then finding that it's not secure.

VB has an outstanding reputation and they constantly work on their tools. They are the best mousetrap on the market. That said, even they miss things sometimes.

But, they're indeed here. And they work. And you may use them.

Just be aware that right now, anyone on your contact list for the boards can see your blog if you don't adjust the default settings.

Thanks for your patience!
16-Feb-2009 until 19-Mar-2029
The Gremlins The Gremlins is offline
Yeah, we did it.
Join Date: 16-Feb-2009
Posts: 534


Okay, so it took a lot of work to get this set of boards to look and feel just like the old set, but also incorporate some additional functionality.

Also bear in mind that the entire site has been significantly upgraded. The software (MySQL and PHP) are both cutting-edge again, we've purged the entire site and done a complete re-install, we've leaped two full versions forward with the boards themselves, and we'll be adding a bunch of new crap down the road.

Some of the features these new boards have are tags and cloud searches. You can see the interface to use this feature at the bottom of every thread.

Other features that we have but that aren't on (but that can be made to be functional fairly quickly) are:

Tag and Cloud system
Reputation system
Ranks system
Title system
Infraction system
Calendar system
Promotion system
RSS system
Picture Albums
Social groups and subgroups

And more. The key is, "If you want something, ask for it."

Start a thread and see what the community thinks. If it is supported by the population, we'll do it. If not, tough shit.


You'll note that we imported the old SA style from the old boards. On the old boards we mandated this style because we're not a bunch of bitches. Now however, a bunch of bitches might be coming in.

If you're a bitch and you want your style to reflect that you're a little bitch, you can change your style choice in your Control Panel. Go there and then to Edit Options. Your style choice will be down towards the bottom.

If that's too complicated, look in the bottom left-hand corner of this page. Find the little menu thing and click on it. If you can't figure it out from there, you're too fucking stupid to be here.

If you want to make a style that's not already present, do so and we'll add it.

Welcome home.

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