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What if this site offends me?
We hope you get over it soon.

What if I'm not really 18 or older?
When you registered for this site, the Terms of Service were not typical. They were very brief and specific. One of the things you agreed to was that you were 18 years of age or older or would at least act like it.

If you lied, that's not really our problem.

What are the Gremlins?
The Gremlins did it. That's all we know.

Screwing with the gremlins is ill-advised, as the gremlins can and do "screw back" and take great pleasure in doing so.

Gremlins are not to be confused with smurfs. Smurfs are nice. Gremlins are... Not.

I'm a goon. What now?
If you're a goon, go to your profile and put your user name in the field that requests it. Then send a PM to The Gremlins and have them update your account status.

What is a "Toxx Clause?"
Any statement that is committal and testable (from the perspective of those in this community) can be toxxed. If you toxx people constantly, expect there to be consequences. Do not abuse the toxx.

If at any stage someone makes an assertion that is an "if x then y" statement, you may "toxx" it. This also applies to other statements such as, "I will post pictures of my dog's butt later on today."

Quote it, post indicating you're toxxing it, and that's all there is to it.

The person being toxxed must comply with the statement or their account will be banned permanently.


Someone posts "If the Bears win their division this year, I will kiss your ass."

Someone then quotes the statement and toxxes the statement.

Should the Bears win their division that year, the original poster must travel to the location of the person it is directed at, and kiss their ass. Literally. The act must be documented and verifiable within the realm of reason.

If they fail to do so, their account will be banned.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the Toxx Clause and its uses.

What/Who is Zero1?
Good question.

We have no idea. We were all playing a game together once, and we had an alliance. Zero1 just kind of appeared one day. To be honest we're not real sure how he/she/it got in there either.

As goons normally do, we eventually got bored and broke everything and left the game. Some of us continued to hang out together or chill with those that didn't want to leave. Zero1 remained with everyone else.

When the boards were moved Zero1 tagged along, and when the new community (this one) was formed Zero1 was kind enough to join us.

As far as we can tell, no one knows where this person came from, under what circumstance, or if it ever even belonged here in the first place. It has become a major part of the culture of the community, however.

You can find many Zero1 epistles on the site. Some on the Splash page, on the forums greeting message when the boards are being maintained, in the Zero1 Wisdom Nook, and more.

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