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Penance 07-Feb-2012 21:07

All the skills I've had they've never been attractive to girls I'll never be attractive to girls all I'll ever be is the smart one who can be an overly nice guy who gets obsessive and then wonders why the don't love him back all i've got is my home stuff and my normal non female friends I have a few friends who are girls most are ugly most don't matter some hate me anyway they'd never go out with me i'm not hot i'm not cool i'm not cool i'm not interesting on the outside i don't care about that but they do i see the inside and the outside even if we don't match well i can care for you i can love you why can't you care about me is it my looks am i an asshole is it the furry thng I know Taylor knows about it all I ever do is just fuck everything up all I ever do is just think I'm doing the right thing like you told me to do with sabrina but that didn't work either sabotaged i forced my relationship to fuck up or did you it wasn't me I don't want it to be me all I want to do is show her that I care I don't need my dick sucked I'm not that much of a shallow asshole but all i am is a perverted freak I guess its okay to be an asshole rapist but not an unusual sex liking smart caring nice guy why is it because im not skinny or am I annoying I don't know I don't care anymore caring has never gotten me anywhere girls don't care I don't care about girls I should just be alone forever that would fix it.

Am I hypocritical for liking sex but hating sluts or treating girls like sluts i'm not gonna be a "player" how worthless but hey they get pussy I don't care its not me all I want is to be with Taylor to hold her and to have her know I care about her it feels like all my relationships are about proving to someone something whether it's that i am capable of being nice or loving or crazy or what but all i want is her to love me back and I want someone who appreciates and knows and loves the way I am the things I know the way I act but I'll never find one worthwhile high school is worse than college but that's all life for me has been so far ever just waiting waiting for things to get better when I was assaulted in eighth grade I was told high school would be better when I fucked up with Sabrina all I heard was everything will be better but it's not gotten better its gotten worse my grades my loves I've never thought about killing myself and I still don't and I never would but damn do I get tired of this am I just crazy I feel crazy for writing this but it helps me organize my thoughts and tell you how I really feel I don't think you're an asshole I just get really pissed and really upset and I hate how perfect Erica is sometimes and I can't get that with any girl who am I to tell you what to do.

I love taylor so much but we've never hung out we'll never hang out she'll never hang out with me I'm too weird now previously she would have if I had manned up but no I had to wait until i was a fucking weirdo goddamnit I dont even deserve Taylor I deserve to settle for nasty girls Im too weird and obsessive and nice and creepy and annoying and asshole and mean and cry and hate and rage and love and miss and not good enough.

Now what the rest of my day upset no but the rest of my life silent hatred just like elementary school just like those emo bitches but I'm better than them I know I am but am I crazy I may not cut my flesh or listen to shitty metal but I do lose my goddamn mind and can be furry so am I the crazy one do I want a crazy girl somewhat yes that's why I love Taylor why doesn't she love me I already answered that goddamnit.

There was a time where I was better than everyone else but I had no friends why is it to have fun and friends you have to be less strong work ethic. Piss I have class now i'm sorry for going crazy.

Vmag 07-Feb-2012 21:09

Taep! This is definitely the work of Taepodong.


Heheh, Taepodong. Like the Korean rocket. Heheh.

Jesse the Great Tsar 08-Feb-2012 15:51

Making something as simple as talking an insurmountable task only makes it more difficult for you.

Liking sex is natural. Too much... is too much.

Taepodong-2 08-Feb-2012 17:14


Originally Posted by Vmag (Post 20951)
Taep! This is definitely the work of Taepodong.


Heheh, Taepodong. Like the Korean rocket. Heheh.

Nope definitely not me.

Also, tl;dr

Vmag 08-Feb-2012 19:50

You know what?

I bet you anything this is MandozerTheGreat. ANYTHING.

wiiper77 14-Feb-2012 16:47

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