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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
Im sorry man. And not to fan the flames of fear, but you always have precum when you're doing such things. Always, and it has about an equal chance of impregnating someone as actual semen, since it is still sperm.

With that out of the way, i think you'll be fine. I mean if you couldn't keep it up its not likely there was precum unless you were REALLY horny beforehand. I guess always wear a condom but if she was taking her birth control properly you should be fine.

Idk what id do if i got my girlfriend pregnant. I really hope and am confident you guys will be fine. Good luck.

Edit: but yes get a test by a trusted brand within the week and you'll have a quicker time to relief/more time to plan an abortion if necessary.
Like I said, in all the years of being horny, I've never had precum. I also wasn't crazy horny at the time.

She's getting a test today, she told her mom. Whether or not the test is positive, she's also going to the doctor.

Her mom and her agreed that abortion and adoption are not an option, though.
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