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Originally Posted by Dopey View Post
To be quite honest, this forum has not impressed me one bit. It seems abit messy and almost too relaxed. I don't like the titles of the sub forums at all either.
Now I most of you or (none of you) care about my opinion and the others are just like "Who the hell are you?"
I'm from the old Pandemic. I will not reveal my name as I don't want any preconceived notions. I learned of this site along time ago as most of you have from Alastor. When I joined here a week ago I expected much more. Seeing that Alastor was in charge mostly I expected fun, yes, but also alittle more maturity than what I have seen.
What I do see in this forum is hope. It has the right amount of members to be cozy, and still plenty of growing room to become busy again with new members. Maybe this could be like the old Pandemic Studios if everyone put alittle effort into it. Not the last year of Pandemic when it was sliding downwards, but the pre-release days before Mercenaries 2. So much anticipation, excitement, and hope in a forum of less than 200 active members.
You just have to have a reason for people to come here though.
The place is called Gametramp.... what did you expect?
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