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Old 07-Jun-2011, 18:52
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Byob Secrets Pregnancy Scare

About a week and a half ago my GF and I had sex for the second time; I'm eighteen, she's seventeen. But. because I was just getting into this (read: formerly forever alone) I couldn't keep it up inside her. But, I still fucked for just a few seconds, with no cum.

Now, two nights ago, she forgot to take her birth control until many hours after she normally would. That day was the day she normally begins her period, but only had a little spotting -- no flow.

Of course, this means that she thinks pregnancy is a possibility.

Everything in my life would be ruined if she is pregnant.

I keep reminding myself that all signs point to no pregnancy:

I didn't come.
I have never released pre-ejaculate, so that shouldn't be a worry.
She's been spotting, as I said.

I found this all out yesterday, and haven't been able to do shit since; I hardly slept, didn't make breakfast... all I've been able to eat was a small amount of food, and even then I felt sick.

I can say I honestly have never been so fearful in my life.

tl;dr my gf might be pregnant, but probably isn't -- even though, im still prolapsing fear
I want to watch the world burn.

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