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Old 29-Jul-2010, 19:48
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Bss Discussion i confess

this account never really worked out did it but neither did my periods uh oh i think this sentence is a run on sorry guys
I want to watch the world burn.

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Old 30-Jul-2010, 17:06
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I don't think there are enough users here yet to make it a safe tool. Writing styles would be dimed out too quickly, and because of the intimate nature of the community already, we pretty much don't have a reason to mask anything we say anyway.

I think it's something that might see more use down the road.
Old 31-Jul-2010, 14:09
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Agreed Al.

It will most likely produce some really interesting threads when it does finally kick off.
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Old 03-Aug-2010, 23:13
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"Later down the road.."

As I see it, there are about 8 active members around here... Most have been here for quite some time. I have seen 5 or so posts by unfamiliar names in the last 6 months. I seriously doubt that the rate of growth here will speed up without commercial advertising... but then there's no money to be made with advertising, only a few new members which eat up more bandwidth and the advertising ain't free either.

Pretty much, my point is that Penance (or the whole Confessionary, for that matter) is probably not going to be the most popular thing here, in this (forever?) small forum.
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Old 04-Aug-2010, 05:49
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And you might be right.
Old 05-Aug-2010, 01:14
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That is NOT the way to be thinking, you need to think more positively if you want anything to happen, giving up means nothing, but if we work on improving the site and the community, it might grow! Or it might not, I don't know? *Shrugs*
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