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Old 09-Apr-2009, 13:57
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Icon 30 Attnmod About the Confessionary and Penance

This forum is for saying the things you want to say but don't ever want to be tracked back to you.

What someone posts using Penance cannot be traced back to the poster. The database must, as a matter of functionality, store information for this account. If this is a concern to you, use a proxy to post with this account. Whether or not you use a proxy, no users on the board will know who you are.

We will not call the cops. We are not under any legal obligation to report any type of confession or revelation that is made with this account and yes, we checked with an attorney.

We're not allowed to inhibit an investigation nor are we allowed to help anyone commit a crime, but we are not required to report it either.

While we won't call the cops, you, the user, are ultimately responsible for the outcomes that result from this account.

The user name for this account is Penance.
The password is myconfession (all lower case).

Do not change the password. We have a script that tells us if the password is changed and by whom.

If some shit-head does change the password, let us know and we'll fix it and ban the stupid mother fucker.

Do not use this account to harass, impersonate, or otherwise "dime out" another member. All such instances of abuse with this account will be deleted. If it takes our time, expect us to retaliate. Do not use this account to attack others. It's for your confessions. Use it appropriately.

Registered members other than Penance can post normally in this forum. If you want to use your primary account to post here, go for it.

Here's what Penance can do:

Multiple users can use Penance at the same time
Can post a new thread in this forum
Use tags - don't abuse it or we'll shut it off
Use invisible mode (doesn't show on the active users list)
Can view the public boards (in case someone wants to reference a thread)
Can reply to other people's threads (in this forum and no others)

Here's what Penance cannot do:

Post at all, in any way, in any forum other than this one
Leave notes on anyone's profile
Remove notes from its own profile
Can't use or view social groups in any way
Cannot use blogs in any way
Cannot use email to friend
Cannot email other users
Cannot receive email
Cannot rate threads
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