The Table Rakers

About AlaKat:
AlaKat 20M
Jihadi Bear

I am not a professional poker player. I played semi-pro for a good while and was very successful. I started by winning a $15 free roll by knocking out 9,999 other competitors on what was at the time, Flamingo Club Poker. To ensure that it wasn't a fluke, I did it again. From there I learned to manage a bankroll and went to the $.01/$.02 tables, and set to work.

within two years I had an account balance of over $3,000. That's some pretty good interest and an amazing "return on investment capital" for those of you interested in economics.

I have never once in my life put a dime of my own money on any felt, either in real life or in the virtual world. It was harder to get started that way, but I realized at the time that if I couldn't win a free roll and make a profit at the lowest tables on the net, then I probably shouldn't be there to begin with.

I finally stopped when the US began passing laws that made such hobbies questionable for government employment options. I cashed out, got myself a really nice TV, and since then I've limited myself to play money and charity poker tournaments.

While I wouldn't call myself a pro by any stretch, I have friends who are professional poker players and they are very, very good. They are better than me. There are many who are better than me.

If you’re reading this, chances are I am better than you. The information on this site is how I got that way.

What has turned into this site was originally a file I started as a reminder to myself as to which hands to play. I have since added to it and shared it with some people upon their request. Recently I began making web sites, and this one just seemed like it might be fun to make.

We hope the information contained on this site is helpful. It worked for us and perhaps it will work for you as well.