The Table Rakers

About Ket A'mehn:
Ket 20M

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I can read and write formal Portuguese, but speaking it is harder. I learned it from books and classes, but everyone in my family that is a native Portuguese speaker is either dead or lives on the East Coast, so I don't get to talk in "normal" Portuguese hardly ever. I'm not very good at it.

If you want to chat in Portuguese while we play poker together that's fine with me. You'll need to use correct grammar and punctuation though, along with solid spelling or I won't understand what you're saying. I also don't understand Portuguese slang.

PokerStars is an English only site, so we're liable to lose our chat privileges if someone complains about us speaking in another language.

People often ask how old I am. In order to have a PokerStars account of any kind, you have to be at least 18. Given this, my answer is that I'm at least 18.

I love playing poker because it's a good distraction while I do other things like listen to music, chat with friends, or study. I like the entertainment it provides when someone who talks a lot of shit or who can't stand losing to me gets punked like a prison bitch. They whine and cry like a baby, and I think it's hilarious! I really like it when they get so pissed they start chasing me around the site trying to "get" me, or even better when they call their friends to come help them "get" me.

And then I wipe them all out at once.

It happens all the time, and I'm amazed so many grown men try to bully me because they can't do anything else (like win).

Yeah, I think that's pretty fun. At least I admit it.

I play poker, and I play to win. If someone else doesn't then they probably shouldn't be playing at a table I'm at.

One last note. No, you can't have my Facebook page. No, you can't have my MSN. I don't give that stuff out to random guys on Internet poker sites.

No, we don't need to chat privately. I'm here for poker. Anything you need to say to me you can say in the public chat room. If you can't say it there then it shouldn't be said at all.