The Table Rakers

Meet the Rakers:

In order to become a Table Raker one must achieve an account balance of 20,000,000 play money chips and maintain it over the course of time. Since the game sets a maximum of 20M in one's play money account, all excess is deleted each time a player logs out. In this way, the player with a 20M play money account balance becomes the table rake for all intents and purposes.

The accounts featured below have achieved and maintain that status, and actively play enough games to have an impact on at least some of the players in the game. You can click on their images for a bio of those players.

AlaKat's picture AlaKat
Ket's picture Ket A'Mehn
Pistachia's picture Pistachia
We also have a Pokerstars homegame group. To join you must also be part of The Table Rakers shown on this page. If you have 20M play chips in your account and want to be one of the Table Rakers, click here.

Be forewarned. You are playing poker; We are playing SomethingAwful.